31 Jan 2016

Always Sunny Glasshouse

Imma getting there, working me way through it, thought I better put this back up.


Well aint I been having some fun with this one. Its based off the Sun Spot Awning in the game. Important stuff please read before downloading
You need to have the Get Together Expansion Pack for this to show up.
You need to use the bb.moveobjects for it to work and to fill it up with plants.

Sims have a habit of walking through the ends of the sides if there is no plant or something there.
Do not place an object within two or three spaces of the door or they get stuck. (with the cheat off it wont let you)
The doors fit better with the footprint arrow pointing out, the rest don’t matter
To get a sim inside you have to zoom your mouse in just like going thorough a wall
The pack contains four items.
The roof/main structure (Its a lower version of the Sun Spot Awning)
The side panel and the end panel.
And a door that matches the whole thing.
Usually easier to fill up with plants etc with one of the walls or even the roof moved to one side.
The whole thing is in Outdoor Sculptures

2-4 5-1 6 7 8

Compatible with: Get Together 


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  2. I love this and want to download into my game but when i try it says link doesn't work anymore.

  3. The link is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience

  4. This is amazing, thank you! :D