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29 Jan 2016

Deluxe Kitchen and Counter Top Stove

New kitchen with a counter top stove and under the cabinet oven.

This started out as a simple conversation about making a functioning counter top stove. While I could separate them no issues, I could not get the oven to sit anywhere and still work. So I made a custom kitchen, in for a penny in for a pound, as I needed to make a custom counter for it. Clicking on either the stove or the oven will bring up all the cooking options as normal, however, if you select say scrambled eggs on the oven they will go to the stove. Likewise if you try and bake on the stove they will use the oven. The stove will sit on the bench top fine but only on this one as I had to change the footprint. There is an extra bench top that goes over the top of the oven, I tried to make this compatible with every kitchen but it eluded me. 
These are non-default and a standalone creation.

1 comment:

  1. so beautiful can't wait to try it in my new house!