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7 Mar 2016

Roof Guttering

This could either be called roof guttering or the worst thing like ever to take screenshots of.
I had made this ages ago and have finally gotten around to re-posting it as I thought I had lost it.
It will sit on the edges of roofs regardless if it is flush with the wall or overhangs.
If you get an error saying must be placed on floor you need to fiddle with the roof edge
a bit. Why it does this I do not know, I am sure it never did when I originally made it.
The gutter can be found in Roof Sculptures and for some reason I have put the down pipe
in Wall Sculptures (in build mode), why I cannot remember. In the bottom pic you will see
a little section I made so if you have eves you can use it to match the down pipe to the gutter.
You will also see in the bottom pic that I have used the move objects cheat to put
a hedge over the bottom of the down pipe as it wont go on foundations.
It will take a bit of finesse to put it on a house but Im sure builders will love it.
This creation is Non-default.

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