30 May 2017

Fence and Column Lights

This was sort of a request 

The person in question asked for fence lights
but I do not have all the EP's they wanted.
So I did what I could but also made ones
that will go onto columns.

The fence lights were made to sit on
the Mission Style Wooden Slat Fence
The column ones were made
for the Alpine Column
For them to sit on other fences/columns 
you will need to use the alt key while placing.
(they will sit flush on some others)
The fence lights are only designed for high fences.

Important note regarding column lights,
If you have a column on a foundation the light
will only sit as high as the light is by default
as they do not adjust hight like they will
on a wall.
BUT if you put the light on the column without
a foundation and then put the
foundation on, the light will
move up and down with the column.

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