6 Jun 2018

Update News!

Hi :3
Upon coming back and trying to organize and update our content I noticed how difficult it was to browse our site. Having no catalogue and having a lot of random labels really doesn't help.  So I began to try and clean the mess that it is. However there really is lot wrong to fix, not to mention all the custom content that needs checking,updating and fixing.

Taking all this into consideration we decided to start fresh on a new blog. That way I can correctly label things and have a catalogue which will make it ten times easier for you to find the custom content you are looking for.

Fear not we will be continuing our efforts to update and move our content over to the new blog. It will take a while but it really will be worth it as far as you being able to find exactly what you are looking for instead of browsing page after page or clicking on tags that are not organized very well.

I will let you know there are a couple of new creations up on the new site as well. We didn't just want to keep updating and posting old custom content so we decided to make some new things as well.

Please visit the new site and check it out. Feel free to leave feedback. Just keep in mind that we still have a long way to go getting our content over there.

Visit Simlish Designs.

27 May 2018

Gigi Hair Recolour

Gigi hair re-texture.

Marquee Outdoor Setting

Updated! Marquee outdoor setting includes a dining setting with table and matching dining chair and  also a coffee table and love seat set.

13 Nov 2017

22 Oct 2017

Hallway Table

Something simple, Ive got two other things on the go
that are both annoying me for two different reasons

16 Oct 2017

Drawstring Pants Recolor Request

There are drawstring pants in the City Living pack
that a user on our forums requested to have
the patterns removed from the pockets and cuffs.

10 Oct 2017

Base Game Fangs

These came about after a conversation on our forums
and are the end result of a tutorial I wrote.

3 Sept 2017

Terrain Set

Well aint I had fun this last few weeks. My computer decided to finally
start to get to slow and messy so a reformat was necessary and
well overdue. So I reinstalled windows, installed phoptshop, 3DS max
blender and all the other things, only to have the computer behave
worse than before. After a few days of research I decided
my install got glitched so I did it again.

So I reinstalled windows, installed phoptshop, 3DS max
blender and all the other things, only to have the computer behave worse than before.

That double up was not a typo, thats exactly what happened. Another three days
of trouble shootong turned out to be a broken CD Rom drive
that I never use was somehow glitching the whole
system, and Alienware  resetting all my power
mode settings back to default.

So anyway moving on.........

8 Aug 2017

Hot Water System

Hot Water System is what we call them in Australia
I believe the are call different over seas.

20 Jul 2017

Indie Bedroom Setting

Sorry for the delayed update, we went for a much over due family holiday
But now I can get back into starting with this setting.