30 Jan 2016

Child Earrings Request

A request for some adult earrings to be made for children.

This was originally a request for some hoop adult earrings we had made to be made for children.
 They appeared to be to big for children so I decided to make a smaller version as well.
 I tried to convert the adult ones to children but it wouldn't work, because when they were made child earrings were not available so when I tried to simply make them so children could wear them strange things started to happen, so I just made some more using the child earrings we now get in the game.
Only thing is you do need Get To Work for these to show up
They are both unisex
This creation is Non-default.
Kids-earrings-2 Kids-earrings-3 Kids-earrings-4
Age Groups:Child

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