8 Feb 2016

Hills Hoist Clothes Line

I have been wanting to make this for ages, I have no idea how popular they are outside of Australia, but over here just about every house has one, some even say its un-Australian  if you don't have one.
We have one in our back yard, we had one in our back yard as kids, used to get yelled at for swinging on it. Every house I've ever lived in, been to or stayed at has had one, so why not my sim house.
Three colors found in decorations/misc.
This creation is Non-default.


  1. Yes! We have them in NZ too, can't say I've ever seen one for the sims. I love it!

  2. I never thought of that Haylzee, but it makes sense now. Im glad you like it :D

  3. Love it! Another Kiwi chiming in. It's so funny and nice to see such familiar things in the world of the Sims.

  4. amazing job. I have a mac and I'm desperate to learn how to make my own cc. Adds another whole dimension to the game :)