4 Feb 2016

Nose and Septum Piercing Set

I had forgot I had made a separate nose piercing when I uploaded the other set the other day so I altered the Septum piercing and added the two.

Both these are two separate items, you can wear one or both with any type of earring in the game.
The only limitations are, whatever the color of one is, the other will be the same, there is nothing I can do about that for now.  Also the Septum ring will warp if you drag the nose shape, however it seems fine when changing the nose, so you just have to work with it.
They are for male and female.

This creation is Non-default.
rings1 rings2
Age Groups:Teen/Young Adult/Adult/Elder
I need to chase up what cc is in my screenshots. I know for sure that the Lipstick and the Eyebrows are by S-Club