16 Feb 2016

Request Winged Eye Shadow For Men

This eye shadow is a very very old request. I've updated it.

This creation is Non-default.
This was a simple conversion of the female eye shadow to male.
Comes in 9 colours.
Found in Makeup/Eyes.

SimistaYMWingedEyeshadow02 Groups:Teen/Young Adult/Adult/Elder 


  1. Hi, congratulations on your excellent work, could you tell me where I can have the sims model of this content to have it in my game, it's really cute, thank you very much, greetings :)

    1. Hi and thank you for the kind words. I'm really sorry, he is from the gallery. When I downloaded him I merged him with some other boys to be my hot neighbors. And now I cannot find out who originally made him. From memory he came with a group of hot boys but I only wanted him.