11 Apr 2017

Breakfast Bar

I got this idea while was making my last project.

This is fixed now
There are a few things to take note here.
For starters you need get to work for this to show up.
Its in windows as that is what it is cloned from.

Sims will sit at the stools and eat, they will not put their food down though.
When a sim cooks a group meal they may or may not place it on the bar
however you can physically move the plate there.

They will grab a serving off the bar, however if the plate is in
the center they magically grab it from the edge.

There are three sets of small slots running length ways, 
there is also a set of medium and large slots running down the center.
The outer small slots (and maybe the center ones) work as is.
To use the other slots you need to use the
move objects cheat, as with the last project, the
 gap still thinks its a window, hence the gap is still a wall.


  1. it wont let me download this is this still available? i really love this item.

  2. edit) nevermind i got it thank you so much tho <3