28 Feb 2016

Domestic Solar Panel

Re Post of my Domestic Solar Panel 
Hopefully fixed for the Llama game.
This has been one those things that annoy you simply because it can. Firstly I kept getting reports  of it interfering with the Llama game, no idea why, so I re cloned it over something else.
Then it wouldn't sit on the roof so I had do that old blender/game/blender/game trip to get it to sit right. Like the last one you have to place it on a roof
and adjust the roof to match it, the only other option is to make 27 different solar panes at 27
different angles. I think it was in roof sculptures last time but now it is in wall decorations.
If you start typing "domestic" in the search in game it will pop up.
The file will override the old one if you have it and have not changed the name of it.
If you want the stuff I used in the pics they are here. 


  1. Hey the file isn't online anymore. I'd be really happy if you reuploaded it!