27 Apr 2016

Breezy Winow

Open window and fly screen set 


There are two parts to this, the window and the fly screen.
The window is found in windows funnily enough, but please note -
Make sure the handle is on the inside, I seemed to have made it
inside out so to speak, every wall I tried it on it kept going around
the wrong way so make sure you rotate it. I tried to spin the mesh but
windows are odd things and I kept breaking it so I left well enough alone.

With the screen, make sure it's in the open window before you place it
or it will disappear inside the wall, which can be undone easy enough
but if you are like me you will go, hey where did it go.
The screen is found in curtains as its cloned off one of them.
I tried to move it into windows but I lost it in the game, as
above I just thought I'd leave well enough alone.

Also on the outside there is a weird shadow on  some sides of the house
in some light, its not me, its the shadows in the game (well I don't think its me)
but on the inside it is not a problem.