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20 Jul 2017

Indie Bedroom Setting

Sorry for the delayed update, we went for a much over due family holiday
But now I can get back into starting with this setting.

2 Jul 2017

Ladder deco set

Something different for a bit of deco

29 Jun 2017

Distressed outdoor seting

Thought I'd play with a new texture technique in photoshop.

27 Jun 2017

Retro Dining Table and Chairs

Meanwhile in the 70's......

26 Jun 2017

Outdoor Taps

This is a remake plus one of an old tap

4 Jun 2017

Furniture Basics Computer Desk

Im working on a few bigger projects that take time
so I thought I'd throw this little creation up.

30 May 2017

Fence and Column Lights

This was sort of a request 

29 May 2017

Deco Fan Update

This was on our site but was broken.

22 May 2017

Heritage Set

Two Piece Heritage set

20 May 2017

Rainwater Tank 2

This is an upgrade on my old one

18 May 2017

The Kahuna TV Cabinet

I mad this a while ago but I lost it somewhere but I found the original Max file

17 May 2017

Fancy Sink

Well I think its fancy anyway 

10 May 2017

Floral Designs wallpaper

Someone requested something similar to this. They provided the floral texture
and I made the trim via projection baking in 3ds max.
Ignore the light on the pics I hate taking wall pics.

9 May 2017

Bedroom Vanity

A vanity for your sims vanity 

30 Apr 2017

Fishing Deco (request)

A user on our forums requested some fishing deco

17 Apr 2017

Domestic solar panel's version 2

I made a solitary roof top solar panel a while back but it had
limitations due to the fact it was only made for one roof angle
I have made eight versions now.

16 Apr 2017


Hand made with sweat 

14 Apr 2017

Buffalo Bar Setting

Ideal for outside Bars

11 Apr 2017

Breakfast Bar

I got this idea while was making my last project.

5 Apr 2017

Window Shelf

A request on our forum

3 Apr 2017

Blood Bath

This came from a request. Not what they wanted so I did it for the lolz

20 Mar 2017

Brenna Dinging table and chairs

A round dining table and matching chairs

19 Mar 2017

Russo Coffee Table

Well aint I been slack. Combination of things going on
and me needing a break. I'm going to get back into the
swing of things now and restart with a few basics.
So first cab off the rank a little coffee table.

22 Feb 2017

Glass Wall Cabinet

A little cabinet for odds and ends