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16 Oct 2017

Drawstring Pants Recolor Request

There are drawstring pants in the City Living pack
that a user on our forums requested to have
the patterns removed from the pockets and cuffs.

10 Oct 2017

Base Game Fangs

These came about after a conversation on our forums
and are the end result of a tutorial I wrote.

8 Oct 2017

Tank and Shorts Outfit

These are a mesh edit/hack I put together 

4 Sep 2017

Medallion Lace Teddy

 Hey hey Ive been back playing in CAS

3 Sep 2017

Terrain Set

Well aint I had fun this last few weeks. My computer decided to finally
start to get to slow and messy so a reformat was necessary and
well overdue. So I reinstalled windows, installed phoptshop, 3DS max
blender and all the other things, only to have the computer behave
worse than before. After a few days of research I decided
my install got glitched so I did it again.

So I reinstalled windows, installed phoptshop, 3DS max
blender and all the other things, only to have the computer behave worse than before.

That double up was not a typo, thats exactly what happened. Another three days
of trouble shootong turned out to be a broken CD Rom drive
that I never use was somehow glitching the whole
system, and Alienware  resetting all my power
mode settings back to default.

So anyway moving on.........

15 Aug 2017

Mushroom Outdoor Setting

This is super cute if I don't say so myself.

13 Aug 2017

Casserole pots

Been a while since I made any deco

10 Aug 2017

Tivoli Sofa Setting

This was my problem child before the last post

8 Aug 2017

Hot Water System

Hot Water System is what we call them in Australia
I believe the are call different over seas.

5 Aug 2017

Storage Shelf

Based on those cheap DIY ones

20 Jul 2017

Indie Bedroom Setting

Sorry for the delayed update, we went for a much over due family holiday
But now I can get back into starting with this setting.

2 Jul 2017

Ladder deco set

Something different for a bit of deco

29 Jun 2017

Distressed outdoor seting

Thought I'd play with a new texture technique in photoshop.

27 Jun 2017

Retro Dining Table and Chairs

Meanwhile in the 70's......

26 Jun 2017

Outdoor Taps

This is a remake plus one of an old tap

4 Jun 2017

Furniture Basics Computer Desk

Im working on a few bigger projects that take time
so I thought I'd throw this little creation up.

30 May 2017

Fence and Column Lights

This was sort of a request 

29 May 2017

Deco Fan Update

This was on our site but was broken.

22 May 2017

Heritage Set

Two Piece Heritage set

20 May 2017

Rainwater Tank 2

This is an upgrade on my old one

18 May 2017

The Kahuna TV Cabinet

I mad this a while ago but I lost it somewhere but I found the original Max file

17 May 2017

Fancy Sink

Well I think its fancy anyway 

10 May 2017

Floral Designs wallpaper

Someone requested something similar to this. They provided the floral texture
and I made the trim via projection baking in 3ds max.
Ignore the light on the pics I hate taking wall pics.

9 May 2017

Bedroom Vanity

A vanity for your sims vanity