9 Feb 2016

Down Lights

I have updated and re textured my down lights. it is still just as hard to take decent pics though.

The top pic is taken with the brightness turned down about a quarter, I more or less did this to try and get a decent pic. The pic below is with them not turned down, as you can see they are quite bright. The second to bottom one is just with yellow tinged light.
It will just overwrite any old file if you have kept the name the same.
downlights2 downlights3 downlights4
This creation is Non-default.


  1. These are my favourite lights in the game but unfortunately these no longer work after the July 16 patch. They have all disappeared from my houses and when I try to place them it says 'script call failed'.
    Can you fix them?

  2. Having the same problem.... nice if you could fix.

  3. Thanks for the report Ill get onto it and repost them

  4. Replies
    1. :) Ty These are my favorite lights. I use them everywhere and didn't know about the light update. When went to play my current house I couldn't understand why it was so dark at first, lol.