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10 Feb 2016

High Waisted Skirt Recolours

I've had an image sitting in my documents for a few days. I was waiting to find the perfect mesh to make it. Finally I was able to find the perfect mesh.

This creation is Non-default.
Mesh by Younzoey NOT included, Download here.
Comes in 18 designs a mixture of solid stripe and patterned.
Custom Thumbnail included.
Age Groups:Teen/Young Adult/Adult/Elder 


  1. Hello! So I loved this skirt, but I can't download the mesh. Can you please say where I can find it? Thanks!

    1. Hi :) it seems as if YoungZoeys page has gone. :( Apparently these recolours include the mesh.
      If you wish for mine to work, you'll have to grab these too. I'm sorry, I don't even have a back up of the original mesh.