21 Feb 2016

Modern Window Awning

This is a re post of my modern window awning, I have re-textured it and fixed up a few of it's issues.
And when I say fixed a few issues I actually mean a lot. I do not even know how this was even working when I looked at it. But it's fixed now and I have textured it a lot better than the original.
It's found in Build mode/Wall Sculptures
This creation is Non-default.


  1. The link seems to be invalid.I really like these mods.How can I download them?Thank you so much T=T

  2. What do you mean by invalid, I just downloaded them fine. Or do you mean they not working in the game ?

  3. I mean that I couldn't download it by using this link.But my friend helped me~ Anyway,thanks a lot,it is beautiful~

  4. Glad you got them downloaded and glad you like them.