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13 Feb 2016

Modular Lounge

This is a re post of my Modular Lounge.
This still is breaking the Llama game, why I don't know.
If you want to play it you cannot have this in your game.
Stupid Llamas. 

I was trying to avoid posting this until I could iron out a few issues that were annoying me, but alas it is harder than I thought. I have also been asked to re post this by a few people so here it is. It has three pieces, a single section, a double section and a corner section. You need to be creative with the light in the game or it looks funny (blame EA not me)

This creation is Non-default.


  1. Hello

    Modular Lounge incomplete download

    The larger sofas.

    I'd like to have them

  2. Hi again Nilza, I tried these too and they download for me also, try re downloading them.

  3. Thank you for re posting the modular lounge again

  4. awww its no longer exist? :(

  5. Ive mirrored the download, try the second link.

  6. This is so friggin' homey and cozy and perfect !!! Thank you :D <3