26 Feb 2016

Open Door Policy

This is a re post of my Open Door Policy 

There are two things bugging me I cannot fix (well easily) hence my hesitation of putting these back up. But because I use them in a lot of screenshots I get asked about them so here they are.
The first thing bugging me is a glitch in the mesh from one angle, but I had merged the two files 
so I cannot got at them easily. Secondly, I wanted to update the thumbs but again being merged means I cannot. As I sort of hacked these onto an empty frame because we cannot make doors yet I dont want to mess about with them any more than I have too, when we can make doors proper Ill make better ones. There are two of them found in build mode/doors each opening the opposite way.
This creation is Non-default.


  1. Hello! Thank you for these. They are much-needed :). The problem is that I can't find them in-game. I am looking under Doors in build mode and can't see them :(.

  2. hey the link is dead :( fix it :( pleaseee I beg you

  3. Ive fix it Ryan, Ive also added a link to a better version of them

  4. After all this time, I still love these doors and the recolors you did! Best thing since sliced bread!! Thank you :)