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29 Mar 2016

Tori Bedroom Set

Well aint we been slack, my birthday then Easter, and now a sick kid. Anyway moving on, this a re post of a bedroom set I had made on our old site and had neglected to re post it til now.


23 Mar 2016

Pot Belly Stove

It's not really a stove, it is a functional fire place though.

21 Mar 2016

Blackout Hair Retexture

I think this is the first male hair to be put on the site since the move back. I'm sorry I know I really should do more male items. Anyway I hope you enjoy Blackout hair for your male simmies.

16 Mar 2016

Tool Deco Bundle

Tool Deco Bundle for your handyman/woman Sim.


14 Mar 2016

Canterbury Table Collection.

Sorry bout the lack of posting, was my Birthday last week :D
So please enjoy Canterbury Table Collection.


13 Mar 2016

SkySims Hair 068 Retexture

The lovely Skysims 068 hair retextured in my textures.

8 Mar 2016

Home Theater System

Home Theater System, nostelga for me if nothing else, this is the first mesh I created.


7 Mar 2016

Roof Guttering

This could either be called roof guttering or the worst thing like ever to take screenshots of.

Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen Canisters Clutter
 I had made a version of these before but I was far from happy with them.

6 Mar 2016

Skysims 157 Amy Hair

Super cute Amy hair retexture, comes in my 20 textures/colours.

5 Mar 2016

Corner Shelf

Adjustable Corner shelves.


3 Mar 2016

Casual Sweater Pack

I made these sometime ago. I've completely updated the colours, disabled for random and corrected the colour tags.

Better Open Doors

This is a complete re make of my Open Door Policy Doors I had made, which had issues.

door These are much more detailed both in meshing and texture.
There is also a black and white version as requested.
As before there are two of them, one facing each direction.

1 Mar 2016

Lovesick Hair Retexture

Lovesick by Stealthic retextured in V2 of my textures.