22 May 2016

Forever Kitchen

The Forever Kitchen because it took me near that long to get it all right.
Comes with under the cabinet lights.

This is a completely new mesh. I have made a couple of kitchens before but
they where basically a re-texture. This is made from scratch.
I've turned some of the wall cabinets into shelves and the rounded end pieces 
on the island counter are also now shelves. All are slotted. I have put slots on top
of the cabinets too. Every deco item you see in the pics are placed without
the move object cheats and most are base game, so with the moo cheat and
other cc items you could make it look fantastic.

The island benches - the base game one I used has the cupboards on the
side where you place the stools, I turned them around so they are on the
other side. I have discovered since the only downside is you cannot
put a sink in the island bench facing the now new opposite way. For
some reason you can't rotate them.
The lights - I made them a while ago and never re posted them, they sit up under the cabinet
and can be used for any counter height.
The lights are found in wall lights

Click on the bottom pic for a bigger screenshot.

kitchen02 kitchen03 kitchen04 kitchen05 kitchen06 kitchen07 kitchen08 
Click for full size


  1. Truly fantastic work here Mick. Can't wait to see it in-game! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Shannon, its very much appreciated.

  3. I love this counter set it's absolutely beautiful but I can't find it anywhere in game. I found the shelves but nothing else.

  4. Hi PinkLlama, its cloned off the BlandCo Contemporary Counter (the blue thumbnail) so it should be sitting right next to that. In buy mode type forever into the search bar and all three should pop up, they do for me.

  5. Thanks Simista, it seems to be a problem with my game and not the content. I have some of your CC show up, and some from other sites, but some stuff I have downloaded is not showing up. The stuff that is downloading however looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

  6. Is your game fully patched and up to date. If us or anyone makes a cc item with a fully patched game they will not show up for other people if your game is not fully patched. You are not the first one to have this issue though the first who has reported mine as doing so.

  7. Thank you for this. Just what I needed. The lights under the cabinets are an unique addition to the cc.

    1. Thank you Cashton CAPS LOCK, love the name too.