23 Jun 2016

Funky Six Seat Outdoor Table

With all the colours of the rainbow sort of, nearly, well a few anyway

21 Jun 2016

Shaded Seat

This is another thing I made ages ago but neglected to re post it partly because it needed fixing but mostly because I forgot about it.


18 Jun 2016

16 Jun 2016

Sania Longline Recolours

I saw this swimsuit by Manueapinny and I just had to have it in a bunch of solids, it's too cute.

13 Jun 2016

Raphael Hair Retexture

This is actually my first retexture of a hair by Sintiklia, I'm surprised I haven't done one sooner. It's a nice hair. 

12 Jun 2016

Power Points and Light Switch

I made some power points a while back, this is an upgraded version.

9 Jun 2016

Breakfast Clutter and Appliances

I had made a toaster and kettle ages ago and was asked about it recently.
I had also made some breakfast clutter and neglected to put that up too.
So here they both are.


7 Jun 2016

Psycho Hair Retexture

We were definitely due for another male hair. Psycho hair by Stealthic is a really nice hair, I happen to really love the beanie too.

5 Jun 2016

Six Seat Round Dining Table

We no longer maintain this site, you can find the 6 seat round dining table on our new site Simlish Designs HERE