8 Jul 2016

Amber Living Range

Well long time no post. We have been flat out in real life, it's the school holidays 
and to make matters worse we had a house inspection.
It's also freezing cold in our part of the world!!
Anyhow I have made this little lounge room set.

Pack contains -
Coffee Table
End Table
TV Cabinet
I will link to the other items in the pics at the bottom of this post.
The coffee table is low line and has slots on the lower level, only small  deco items will fit in it like books etc.

The end tables have an altered footprint, you will see in the next pic 
that they will sit closer to the couch than normal end tables, you
do this by holding "alt" when placing.

The TV cabinet has slots on the middle shelves, By more
luck than design my stereo head units sit in there. In another
pic I just filled it with the default cd cases.

All three a found in the normal locations in the buy menu
or search "Amber" and they will show up.

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  1. hi, i hav a problem, all the CC don't appear in my game. I placed all in the Mods folder. Have you an idea please ? thanks !