21 Nov 2016

Decoholic Modular Bar

For your Decoholic Sim
This is made off the island bench counter but it's a fully functional bar.
The easiest way to work out what piece is what
is to lay them all out so you can see them all and
go from there.

To get the corners to sit right you need to hold the alt key down while you place it.
While every piece will function as a bar they will clip in the corners
I tried to remove the slot from there but failed
It's found in kitchen benches.

Also included -
I unlocked the .Captain Rodrigo de Pablo Cask
(See it in the far left corner of pic)

And three bottles that are from the debug menu however,
they would not sit on any surface by default so I
had to clone them out so they would.

The glass, coffee cups, soda can etc in the pics below
are from the Buy Debug cheat.

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