17 Apr 2017

Domestic solar panel's version 2

I made a solitary roof top solar panel a while back but it had
limitations due to the fact it was only made for one roof angle
I have made eight versions now.

Instead of being restricted to one roof angle you now have the choice of eight 
including a flat surface. They are all in the same thumb catalog and you
can get one that is close to your roof and just adjust it as necessary. 

Now the tricky bit. Each panel has a different color swatch but there
was no easy way for me to differentiate between which 
panel is which, Unfortunately its trial and error.

The design tool does show up but you will get a 
script error fail notice if you try and use it. It wont
break anything, it just wont do anything.

Note - if the solar panel sinks into the roof a bit
when you adjust it, just click on it and it will pop back up.
Its found in wall decorations.

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