29 Jun 2017

Distressed outdoor seting

Thought I'd play with a new texture technique in photoshop.

Its a recycled old powerline spool and chairs to match.
The chairs have the foot slots adjusted so may
look funny if used for other tables
Both are found in outdoor furniture. 

Additional notes
I have included in the zip file the resource textures.
The are a PSD that once opened in photoshop have the layers
all named for you if you want to recolor this.
(other editors will open them but I don't know which ones or how)
Apart from the AO bake there is basically two textures.
One is the wood texture and the other is distressed color.
All you need to do is click on the base color
and change it to what ever you want. You can also
change the "worn paint" layer and change it too.
Or change both of them.
As per normal if you re-recolor this (you can include the mesh)
 can you please link back to here.
It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

       As you can its a tight fit!!

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