15 Aug 2017

Mushroom Outdoor Setting

This is super cute if I don't say so myself.

Its a table and chair package but not as we know it.
The table is a table but the chairs are actually miniature stools.
Because the chair animation is for the sim to pull the
chair backwards by its back it looked silly for
something without a back. So they are stools which do
not have that animation. Being so they do not snap to the table
like they would normally, instead you have to use
the "alt" key to place them
See the pic below for more detail.

I also made a pedestal version of the chair
that looks exactly the same but you cannot
sit on it and it has a slot on top.

All three of them have the footprint altered (the chair
I had to for it to work) but the table and pedestal
so you can place them in gardens as tables.

They are all found in outdoor furniture. 

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