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31 Jan 2016

Little Tank Recolour

I originally made these with my high waisted pants. They came in only a few colours. I plan to release these items separately now but with a lot more colour options.

Field Of Flowers Wallpaper Collection

This is a small collection of floral wallpapers.

Basics Sport Bra Collection

I was a fair way away from getting to these tops. However someone requested that I upload them. I've updated them and recoloured them in 24 solid colours.

Running Bar Sports Wear

Another blast from the past, updated and fixed.


Always Sunny Glasshouse

Imma getting there, working me way through it, thought I better put this back up.


Gigi Hair Retexture

Because you guys have been so wonderful and understanding about the move and what not. I decided that as nice as it is to get old downloads updated, you also deserve something new. So I was playing around with a new model and this hair was adorable on her. So that was when I decided, I'll release it to you guys.

30 Jan 2016

Child Earrings Request

A request for some adult earrings to be made for children.


Sorrow Hair Retexture

Such a cute hairstyle, I've updated to my latest textures and colours.

Marquee outdoor setting

Slowly getting there, time to re post this


Hair 242 SkySims Retexture

This is a very old hair retexture. I've updated it, I made it standalone and it has all my latest textures/colours. It's such a pretty hair.

Ear and Nose Piercing

Back when I original made these I was over the moon, took me an age to get the nose right.


Outdoor Decking

Re posting this now


Over The Light Hair Retexture

Cazy's over the light hair. It's a really nice hair. I've updated it, it now has all my current hair colours.

29 Jan 2016

Art Collection 01

These paintings are super cute, my only complaint is that I couldn't find more to match.

Tear Drop Earring Edit

I have no clue as to what EA were thinking when they made the tear drop earrings.  I thought they had some potential and so I tried my hand at making them usable. I think they came out cute. :)

Deluxe Kitchen and Counter Top Stove

New kitchen with a counter top stove and under the cabinet oven.


YF Black & Whites

These dresses are perfect for casual or party. Black and white are great colours.

New Shrub Edging

I made a shrub edging thingy a while back but somehow it got broken, so here is version two.
Not only is it better, more importantly it is not broken.


Polka Dot Bikini

These were my first swimwear when the EP came out.


Trend Wallpaper Collection

Another oldie but it's quite a nice set.

French Wallpaper Collection

This was the very first wallpaper we ever made. In actual fact I released it the very same day we were able to edit walls. We've come a long way since then.

YM Random Tee Collection

I was thinking of not worrying about moving these Tees over, however I think there too cool to just delete.

High Heel Boots

My first mesh edit from memory, I still use them on every female sim.


Bohemian Maxi Dress Collection

I made these maxi dresses a while ago, I totally love the bohemian style. I have updated these dresses and I even manged to add one more swatch to bring it to an even four.

Cap Puffy Conversion

I converted the cap puffy to enable males to wear them. I think they look cute on male sims.

Goth Top

I didn't keep too many clothes, most were made with outdated tools.


28 Jan 2016

Male Back Tattoos

Another blast from the past.


Denim Hats For Females

It's so easy to forget what you've made. I love these hats. So now they've been updated.

Goth Socks

I had made these as half a dozen different packages.


Small Hoop Earrings

Another long ago creation. I actually think this was my first mesh edit for the Sims 4. I really think there much better then the default hoop earrings in game.


Sun Glasses

These are an update of something I made that long ago I had forgotten about them.

Sun glasses-1

Lip Gloss For Males

This lip gloss was requested an age ago. I have updated it so it will work. It was made on a tool which isn't even around anymore.

CF Heart Sweater Collection

I adore these little sweaters. It was a a simple edit, but I just love how they turned out. These sweaters are quite old too. I added more colour options as well as updating them.

Henly Shirts In Solids

Another blast from the past, I made these either for the CAS demo or just after TS4 was released. At the time I only made 3 colour options. So since I was already updating it, I thought I would add to the colour selection.

Multi Coloured Shorts

I made these so long ago, I think it was for the CAS demo. Since we have to make the move back to blogger, I decided to update them.