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30 Apr 2016

Muteki 7.2 Home Theater System

I used to own one of these, jeez it made some noise.


27 Apr 2016

Breezy Winow

Open window and fly screen set 


25 Apr 2016

Silver Hair Retexture

Another super cute short hairstyle for your female sims.

22 Apr 2016

Sorrento Living Range

The lovely wife gave me a catalogue and asked can I make this. Not being one to ignore a challenge I give you the Sorrento Living Range.


18 Apr 2016

Mortar and pestle

Quick little bit of deco for you's

15 Apr 2016

Spice Rack

I made a Herb/Spice rack based on the common ones you buy from department stores.


13 Apr 2016

Antoinette Hair Retexture

Oh this hair is super cute so I re-textured it in my textures. (Btw sorry for lack of post by me lately my laptop has been playing up and I had to refresh which meant reinstalling photoshop and the sims etc.)

12 Apr 2016

Polished Antique Furniture

Thought I'd try something different. Someone requested an antique chair 
so I gave it a go and added a table. 

9 Apr 2016

Manhattan Lounge Suite

I was actually trying to make another lounge when I found a pic of this.


5 Apr 2016

Stackme Shelving

Stackme Shelving for all your shelving needs.

3 Apr 2016

Power Points

I cannot believe I forgot to repost these, someone asked me about them from a screenshot, I thought I had posted them but I couldn't find them