25 Apr 2016

Silver Hair Retexture

Another super cute short hairstyle for your female sims.

22 Apr 2016

Sorrento Living Range

The lovely wife gave me a catalogue and asked can I make this. Not being one to ignore a challenge I give you the Sorrento Living Range.


15 Apr 2016

Spice Rack

I made a Herb/Spice rack based on the common ones you buy from department stores.


12 Apr 2016

Polished Antique Furniture

Thought I'd try something different. Someone requested an antique chair 
so I gave it a go and added a table. 

9 Apr 2016

Manhattan Lounge Suite

I was actually trying to make another lounge when I found a pic of this.


3 Apr 2016

Power Points

I cannot believe I forgot to repost these, someone asked me about them from a screenshot, I thought I had posted them but I couldn't find them