30 Apr 2016

Muteki 7.2 Home Theater System

I used to own one of these, jeez it made some noise.


This was really fun to make and has seven pieces.
It has the main front tall speakers that have a slot on top.
It has two Sub Woofers one left and one right.
It has the Main Amp and the Sub Woofer Amp.
It has the Center Speaker.
And it has a rear Satellite Speaker (next pic)

 The two amps will sit on top of each other, you may have to put them on floor first though.
The center and satellite sit on the wall.

They are very low poly so I only decimated the shadow
it mucked the mesh so I left it.

I also tried to put a specular map on it but it looked funny.

It comes in two colors, a lighter black that I original made it in
and a darker black. They are found in electronics/stereos.

 This creation is Non-default.
Home-Theater-2 Home-Theater-3 Home-Theater-3jpg This is the inspiration Pic Super_MUTEKI_HT-DDW8500 Download Onedrive 
Download Dropbox


  1. This is absolutely wonderful. Nice work. :))

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. Nice work. :))