3 May 2016

Fish Tank

After a few days mucking about I bring you my fish tank.

Well this was fun, had no idea if it was even going to work.
Set contains the following -

The Fish Tank and magical Fish Spawner.
A Rock, Plant and Sunken ship as deco.
 A lid with a light and a background decal.

 Tank - Surfaces Dining Tables Misc

Fish Spawner - Activity and Skills Recreation

Rock - decorations misc

Sunken ship - sculptures

Plant - Fountain decorations

Decal - Decorations Paintings and Posters

Lid - Lighting Floor Lamps
Easiest way is to type "deep" into the search bar.

In some light there is a weird texture issue on the tank
when you place it the game, dunno why got sick of looking.
but when you put the lid on it, it disappears.
(The texture glitch not the tank, I hope anyway)

There some pics below with further instructions.

Make sure you are in live mode then build mode as we need to swap between the two.
Place the tank where you want it.
Place the fish spawner near the tank.
Then in live mode click where you placed the fish spawner, it's invisible
so you need to know where you put it, I use a single square rug.
Select purchase fish. Go back into build mode to move the fish.

Important to get the full effect
When you move the fish, hold down alt on the keyboard to free
it from the constraints of the grid.
You will need to use the bb.moveobjects cheat to place
the fish higher in the tank so they don't all jumble up
on one level.

There is a slot in the center of tank where the bubbles are. Put the ship there
before you put other deco in so the slot does not get in your way.

To place the rocks and the plants, you also need to hold alt or you will have trouble getting more 
than one in the tank.

fishtank-2 Fish placement guide.


  1. Class idea and gets away from ea ugly fish tanks, thanks!:-)

  2. Thanks Rors. The next plan is to make a better one that is easier to use, I never really meant for this to work but it did and looked to good no to post

  3. Hey, this is a great idea so I downloaded and installed. Can't find the darn tank no matter how hard I try. Do I need an EP or GP for this to work? Thanks :)

  4. Hi Mercuria you need Open for business Mr S should of mentioned that sorry.

    1. What is "Open for business"? Is that something else to download?

      I should have clarified - all the other components show up and are usable. It's just the tank that I can't find.

      (my apologies for having a conversation on the comment section)

    2. Sorry I meant to say you need the Get to work expansion pack for the tanks to work in game.

  5. Thank you, now I understand. :)

    1. Hi Mercuria - I do plan on making another one that will require no Expansion Pack in the near future.

    2. That would be awesome! Thank you. Love your creations :D

    3. That would be awesome! Thank you. Love your creations :D

  6. the download link is not working.. is says 'not found error 404'. plz fix it

  7. This is a wonderful creation! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  8. there is only the decal in the downloads folder on both links, what happened to the other parts?