30 Jul 2016

Viola Hair Retexture

This hair just looked super cute on my little sim Isabella so I retextured it in my textures/colours.

24 Jul 2016

Large Bamboo Planter Box

This is a large planter designed for large outdoor ground plants (shrubs) using the move objects cheats and the alt key.

21 Jul 2016

Laundry Deco Pack

I made some laundry white goods a while ago, this is to compliment it.


17 Jul 2016

Misery Hair Retexture

Beautiful Misery hair by Stealthic retextured in twenty colours.

8 Jul 2016

Amber Living Range

Well long time no post. We have been flat out in real life, it's the school holidays 
and to make matters worse we had a house inspection.
It's also freezing cold in our part of the world!!
Anyhow I have made this little lounge room set.