28 Aug 2016

Bertoia Bar Stool

Found a pic like this looking for something else and i liked it.

22 Aug 2016

Eye Brow Piercing

This is sort of a beta test as I am unsure how it sits on the sim in every situation as they
are, shall we say, very animated when it comes to facial expressions.

17 Aug 2016

Wooden Foundation

I made a foundation out of wood, then held a committee meeting to come up with a name,
so we bring you the wooden foundation :D


15 Aug 2016

Backless Gown Recolours

I liked this simple gown immediately, my only complaint is that it came in too few colours. I decided to rectify that by recolouring it in my palette of colours.

11 Aug 2016

Nevaeh Hair Retexture

I like this hair because it suits Isabella it's super cute on her and I just think the star accessory is adorable. I've retextured it in my 20 textures.

9 Aug 2016

Deodorant Deco

Simple idea as I mucked up the other thing I was working on. I do that a lot.

5 Aug 2016

3 Aug 2016

Abbey Dress

Just a simple little dress that you can wear for casual, formal or party wear. I think it's super cute.

Free Standing Umbrella

This was on our old site, I have updated it.