30 May 2016

Dr Who Tardis Wardrobe

Someone on our forums requested some Dr Who stuff so I thought I'd chip in.


25 May 2016

Summer Haze Hair Retexture

Summer Haze hair retexture. This beautiful hair is originally by Stealthic, I adore it and hope you like it too.

22 May 2016

Forever Kitchen

The Forever Kitchen because it took me near that long to get it all right.
Comes with under the cabinet lights.


19 May 2016

Butterfly Sims Hair 151 Retexture

I really like how this hair turned out, my textures work nicely on it. I particularly like the fringe on this hairstyle.

16 May 2016

Amy Top Collection

I've updated my Amy top collection. I have completely revamped them in my new colour palette.

Kahuna Outdoor Setting

A wider table for outdoor use from the Kahuna range including lounge size seats.


10 May 2016

Recolours Of Sentates Shove Dress

I have updated my recolours of Sentates shove dress, I removed the multi coloured versions and just recoloured it in my new palette of solid colours. If you guys like the multi coloured versions, I'd be happy to make a multi coloured add on another time, just let me know.

9 May 2016

Kahuna wider dining table

I made this a while back and forgot to put it back up til I was asked about it.

3 May 2016

Fish Tank

After a few days mucking about I bring you my fish tank.