28 Feb 2016

Domestic Solar Panel

Re Post of my Domestic Solar Panel 
Hopefully fixed for the Llama game.

Simple Sweaters

Just some cute simple sweaters in a bunch of colours.

27 Feb 2016

Rocha Hair Retexture

Anto's Rocha hair is really pretty, I retextured in my V2 colours. :)

Rainwater Tank

After many attempts I bring you a rainwater tank.

26 Feb 2016

25 Feb 2016

Back To Basics Ym Jean Recolours

This is a re-post of my Male jean recolours which we desperately need for our male sims, I've decided to call any simple recolours back to basics. I plan to add more new basic recolours soon. These jeans come in 12 colours

23 Feb 2016

22 Feb 2016

Strap Band Dresses

I've updated these dresses to my current palette of colours. 

Laundry White Goods Deco

This is something I made a while back and mucked it up, but now it is fixed.

21 Feb 2016

Candy Hair Retexture

I literally told you guys the other day that I cannot resist anything with bows. This hair is adorable so I wanted it in my textures.

Modern Window Awning

This is a re post of my modern window awning, I have re-textured it and fixed up a few of it's issues.

20 Feb 2016

Strapless Swim

I was inspired to make this swimsuit by a picture I saw. The picture was of a one piece with polka bottoms and a solid top. I made one patterned version similar to the inspiration and the rest solid.

19 Feb 2016

Utility Table

There are similar things to this in game, but they are designed to sit against a wall like a hallway table, well that's what they look like anyway. Mine is bigger and although will sit against the wall, it looks fine anywhere.


Audrey Dress Collection

I had totally forgotten about this dress, it's such a pretty formal.


18 Feb 2016

Sleeveless Crop Shirts

I kinda love these little crop shirts, however they did have an issue with some dark shading at the bottom which I've now fixed.

Air Conditioner Deco

I made this a while ago and have a habit of putting it in most of my screenshots, so I thought I better re up it.


17 Feb 2016

Midsummer Night Hair Retexture

I'm a sucker for anything with bows, I just couldn't resist retexture the beautiful midsummer night hair.

16 Feb 2016

Coffee Cup Tree

I made a coffee cup tree ages ago and was asked to re post it. It was old and out of date so I made another one thats better.


Galaxy Hair Retexture

The adorable Galaxy hair by Nightcrawler just had to be retextured.

Request Winged Eye Shadow For Men

This eye shadow is a very very old request. I've updated it.

15 Feb 2016

April Dress Collection

I made these dresses a while ago, they have been updated. I just added a few more colour options.

Louver Lover Window

Louver Lover Windows have been updated and can be found on our new site. Simlish Designs HERE

14 Feb 2016

Collar Sweater

This was quite a complicated project, I had to majorly edit the uv. I'm very happy with the result and hope you like it.

Emilia Hair Retexture

Emilia hair by Anto is really cute, I decided to retexture it in V2 of my textures.

13 Feb 2016

Blanket Box

I asked Mr S to make me a blanket box mesh, this is the result of a team project. Mr S made the mesh and I recoloured it. I tried to match it to maxis colours already existing and I added a few extras.

Long Sleeve Little Dresses

I've updated this dress, I simply added more colour options.

Modular Lounge

This is a re post of my Modular Lounge.
This still is breaking the Llama game, why I don't know.
If you want to play it you cannot have this in your game.
Stupid Llamas. 


12 Feb 2016

High Waisted Skirt With Tank

I really like the high waisted skirt I recolored the other day. But due to it being a bottom it came with problems like certain tops would clip. I really wanted to have an outfit with a high waisted skirt so my sim Isabella could wear it. I am nearly happy with her enough to want to start playing. This will be her everyday wear. I thought I should share it for you guys too.

Gold Dust Hair Retexture

Gold Dust by Anto  is such a cute hair, I just really wanted it in my textures.

11 Feb 2016

Alienware Gaming Laptop

This is the same laptop I use daily, I made it while looking at mine :D


Screen Door

A fancy screen door.


Denim Shirt Tie

The original denim shirt tie shirt is something I would never wear. I decided to make something a little cuter.

Envy Hair Retexture

I've had this hair in my mods folder for a little while. I was using it for my girl Isabella so I decided that I should actually retexture it for her. I retextured it using V2 of my textures.


Ym Sweater Shirt Recolours

I finally went in game to play, I was customizing a male sim I downloaded off the gallery. I saw these shirts and wanted him to wear them.  However they had this colour block across the front which really bothered me. So I exited the game and promptly recoloured so I could use them.

10 Feb 2016

Violet Hair Retexture

I've been playing with my textures today. The result is V2 of my textures. I thought I should try them on a hair, that way you guys can let me know if you prefer this version or my original textures. I kinda like both.

High Waisted Skirt Recolours

I've had an image sitting in my documents for a few days. I was waiting to find the perfect mesh to make it. Finally I was able to find the perfect mesh.

Lace Curtains

Re post of my lace curtains, I have made them hang a bit lower and sit a bit higher.


9 Feb 2016

Long Parted Wavy Hair Recolors

The majority of our site is pretty much maxis match with one exception. My hair retextures. I do love some of the default hair in game, however most colours are unusable. So I thought I might try my hand at making some nicer colours.

Madison Dress Collection

The Madison dress is a basic but cute dress. It is enabled for everyday.formal and party.

Down Lights

Down lights can be found on our new site Simlish Designs HERE.

Grace Skirt Collection

I am so happy with this new skirt. It's so cute. I love the skater skirt but I wanted one with more flair. 

8 Feb 2016

Skort Recolours

Mr S removed the pattern from these skorts a long time ago. I then recoloured them a long time ago in pastels. I decided it was time to update them. I've added a bunch more colours.

Colorbond Corrugated Iron Roof

A re post of my Colorbond Corrugated Iron Roof, I thought I better as I use it a lot in screenshots.


Baby Doll Hair Retexture

I absolutely adore this hairstyle. It's just so adorable. :)


Hills Hoist Clothes Line

I have been wanting to make this for ages, I have no idea how popular they are outside of Australia, but over here just about every house has one, some even say its un-Australian  if you don't have one.

7 Feb 2016

Casual T-Shirt Dresses

When I made this mesh, I had an idea in mind. However at the time my skills were lower and to be frank, I can't believe the state this mesh was in. I've updated it so now the uv is fixed. I also edited the texture to look more how I pictured it. I think these turned out soo cute.